mollie & khaet

collab portfolio

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mollie is a graduate of vanderbilt divinity school, a textile artist, and a teacher/practitioner of creative spirituality. she makes clergy stoles, intended as sacred art for worship leading, protest, and more. she also creates wall art and meditative tools through fabric collage. through all of her work, she plays with the idea that creativity is a sacred process and can be a tool in healing individual and collective trauma and asking questions about the divine.

khaet is a graduate of american university school of public affairs and aims to use her skills as a public opinion researcher and communications strategist to conspire with others for good causes. in addition to original wall art, she also makes prints of her designs in the form of posters and postcards. her preferred ingredients for creation include drawing vibrant colored pencil and black ink illustrations on reused brown paper bags as well as collaging with homegrown pressed flowers, found insect wings, reused magazine scraps, and trash found on the sidewalk in her neighborhood.

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