Stitches that Mend

a workshop for handmade spirituality

Each of us is created and beloved by God, crafted beautifully into the fabric of creation. Like tiny individual pieces of fabric stitched together into a massive quilt, we are deeply interconnected to one another. Quilts contain lessons not only about fabric and thread but about life as a creative and spiritual process.

These are deeply challenging times. The global pandemic has shaken our foundations and left us with anxiety, grief, frustration, lethargy, depression, or fear. We are reckoning with our country's deeply-rooted sins of racism and white supremacy, witnessing and experiencing the vitality and the pain of such a historic moment. In the midst of it all, we search for ways to feel grounded, centered, and spiritually well.

Rather than thinking our way through this process, perhaps we would find it fruitful to create our way through it. In doing so, we just may find a way to stitch a new story into the quilt of our own lives.

No matter your level of experience, join me as we turn to the wisdom of quilting to cultivate spiritual wholeness in this time. 

An Overview

In this workshop, we will explore together the wisdom of quilting by hand and how it may help us to cultivate our spiritual well-being. Our goal is not to create perfectly crafted pieces of handiwork! In fact, I will encourage participants to work only on a small quilt square made out of materials you probably already have laying around.

Together, we'll aim to slowly and imperfectly create our way through reflective prompts, inspired by the process itself. In quilting with the understanding that we are engaging in sacred creation and transformation, we turn scraps of fabric and thread into prayers.

Format & Structure

Over the course of 6 weeks, we will meet each week virtually as a group, via Zoom. In these gatherings, everyone is encouraged to bring their stitching so that we can create in community. Each week, I will email out journal prompts for reflection, and these prompts will loosely guide our group discussions. Some folks may have lots of thoughts they want to share; others may choose to keep their reflections to themselves and simply stitch in the presence of a community. Either way, it is my belief that when we communally dedicate time and space to creating something and deepening our spirituality, something beautiful and fruitful will emerge.

But, I'm not a Quilter...

No quilting, or even sewing, experience required! In preparation for each virtual session, I will provide simple video instructions with options for varying skill levels. Or maybe you are a quilter, and that's great, too! Those who have more experience may choose to work on more complicated projects or take an intentional slow-down with a simpler project. A deep value of creating as a community is that people with varying skill levels can come together and learn from one another.

Reduce & Reuse

Participating in this workshop should not require you to go out and buy anything. Dig through your scrap pile for fabric, and don't worry so much about perfectly coordinating your fabrics. If you don't have any supplies at all, maybe ask a neighbor or family member if they have a needle and some thread you can borrow. An old t-shirt would work wonderfully for fabric! Because the goal of this workshop is to engage with the quilting as a way to deepen our spiritual practice, it is not so important how the end result looks (although I'm confident each piece will indeed have its own beauty).

15% of proceeds from the latest workshop were donated to Southerners on New Ground.

This workshop was excellent! I have always wanted to learn to quilt, and Mollie's accessible style of teaching and use of videos for instruction made learning a breeze! I enjoyed the informal and low-pressure style of the conversation in this workshop, and the ability it gave me to do meaningful spiritual reflection while engaging on any given week at my energy level without feeling compelled to share more or less than I was ready to. Kudos to Mollie!

Maria, Nashville, TN


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