i'm glad you're here

My name's Mollie. My mother picked that name out for me when she was five years old. Sometimes that feels particularly weighty to me, like the notion of me has been floating around for so long, it didn't quite know what to do with itself once it was anchored into my body. But mostly, it feels like enduring love.

I grew up in the shadow of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Southwest Virginia, and I love them dearly. One Bachelor’s degree in Social Work and one Master of Divinity later, I now live in North Texas with my beloved.


i believe...

that creativity is sacred.

I believe that creativity is intrinsic to every—yes, EVERY—person.

I believe that creativity is healing, both individually and communally.

I believe that creativity is a tool of resistance against systems of oppression, which thrive on our separation from ourselves and from one another.


hey, i made something for you!