mystical maker


i'm glad you're here

my name's mollie. my momma picked out that name for me when she was five years old. sometimes that feels particularly weighty to me, like the notion of me has been floating around for so long, it didn't quite know what to do with itself once it was anchored into my body. but mostly it just feels like enduring love.

i grew up in the shadow of the blue ridge mountains in southwest virginia, and i love them dearly. one bachelor in social work and one master of divinity later, i've returned to the mountains my heart loves. 

i believe that the act of making things is healing. i believe that creativity is sacred.

i believe that spirituality is good to read and think about and even better to embody. 

i like to make pretty things (i get that from my grandmother). i'm learning to also like making not-so-pretty things. after all, it's the process that really counts.


i like to make meaning. i'm learning to also let meaning reveal itself to me.

after all, it's the questions that really count.


i'm in the process of getting ordained by the christian church (disciples of christ).

in my work and in my life, i am trauma-conscious and LGBTQIA-affirming.