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Art Journaling Workshop | Creative Pondering

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What if instead of thinking our way through our big life questions, we created our way through them? This go-at-your-own-pace workshop will start to explore this idea with guided reflection and creativity. The video content will begin with some guided reflection in order to select one question or theme that is coming up for you in your life. For the remainder of the process, I will lead you through a creative pondering session, in which you will use your gathered materials to form something that speaks to your personal question. At the end, it is my hope that you will have gained some fruitful perspectives or reflections on the question you ponder. This workshop is all about the process, not the product. So even if you don’t consider yourself an artistic person, don’t be intimidated! The point is to use an approach that we may not typically use in our everyday lives to reflect on our lives, relationships, goals, hopes, fears…you name it. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you previously purchased access to this workshop and lost access, or if you already have a workshop-in-a-box kit, please email me at! In updating my website, I lost some site members and their digital content. I will gladly re-enroll you in the course—no need to re-purchase your enrollment.


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