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MeMe's Flowers with Ribbon Stole

MeMe's Flowers with Ribbon Stole

PriceFrom $90.00

This product is priced on a sliding scale tier-based model. Please refer to the self-selection guidelines below and then thoughtfully chose your tier.


Ready-to-wear clergy stole, lovingly made in Fort Worth, TX.



  • Secondhand upholstery fabric from my grandmother's stash
  • Contrasting green ribbon and trim with decorative stitch detailing
  • 100% linen back



  • 5" wide
  • length coming soon!



  • Spot clean as necessary.
  • Dry clean if you must.
  • Press with a warm iron to get it looking its Sunday Best.


  • Equity Pricing Tier Model

    My pricing tiers are determined by self-selection. It's important to note that these tiers are not discounts, but rather the prices I am offering to individuals in different life circumstances.


    Please consider your own financial situation thoughtfully when selecting your tier. I won’t ask you any questions about your chosen tier, as I trust you to choose the one that's right for you. Everyone’s financial situation is unique, and you may not fit exactly with all of the descriptors of each category; I’ll invite you to thoughtfully choose which one best fits your situation.


    Equity Tier

    At this tier, I’m earning $18/hr. Consider this tier if you:

    • are eligible for public assistance
    • are burdened with significant medical expenses and/or debt
    • are a single parent/caretaker of dependent(s)
    • are an unpaid community organizer


    Standard Tier

    At this tier, I’m earning $25/hr. Consider this tier if you:

    • are able to pay your bills with relative ease
    • do not struggle to meet your basic needs
    • own a car or have access to reliable transportation
    • have employer-supplied health insurance or other benefits


    Supporter Tier

    At this tier, I’m earning $30/hr. Consider this tier if you:

    • own the home you live in
    • haven’t checked your bank account before making food/coffee purchases in recent memory
    • are financially able to travel for leisure


    I do understand that even the equity tier is not affordable for everyone. If you are interested in a stole and are unable to pay the price listed, please reach out to me via email at I am always open to payment plans, art exchanges/bartering, and other creative arrangements. It’s hard enough as it is to live under a system of capitalism. I have no desire to be beholden to its rigidity and norms. Let’s work together.


    Churches—I'm still working on translating this tier model to congregational budgets. For now, choose which tier feels right for you. If you have questions on how this may apply to you, don't hesistate to reach out. 

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