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are you part of an art-loving congregation?

would y'all like to help me collect items for my summer 2023 General Assembly installation?

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I would be so grateful for your help in getting the word out about my upcoming installation and my call for submissions! Here are some resources to help you — I want to make this as easy for you as possible.

If you've ended up on this page and have no idea what I'm talking about, read about the installation here


Writing about art can be difficult, especially when you're not inside the artist's brain! So here's some language about the installation you're free to use however it's helpful.

Fort Worth, TX-based textile artist, Mollie Donihe Wilkerson, is one of five resident artists creating an interactive art exhibit for the Summer 2023 General Assembly of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). The theme for the assembly and the exhibit is “The Kindom of God, Within Us, Among Us.”

Fabric items donated by people all over—many of whom will never meet one another—will come together into one work of art representing the interconnectedness of the kindom of God. This piece will celebrate our kinship with one another, grieve the pain we carry collectively, and lament the ways we are isolated and separate from one another.

collection BOX


One way of helping out could be putting a collection box in your narthex, foyer, Sunday School classroom, etc. You may consider putting out some pens and notecard-size pieces of paper in case anyone didn't bring a note about their item's memory from home. It's okay if the fabric items don't stay paired with their corresponding notes in the box.

If possible, I'd like to receive donations by the end of May 2023. I'm happy to pay for shipping—please contact me!

Here is a printable pdf sign for the box that you're welcome to use.

print & SHARE


Here are some resources you can share with your congregation. They give a little bit of context around the installation and ways to find out more.

Want to SUBMIT?

Thank you! Here's how.

I'm accepting items by mail. Please send both item and note to:

Mollie Donihe

3000 S Hulen Street

Suite 124-964

Fort Worth, TX 76109

United States

If we know each other and we live in the same area, I’d be happy to arrange a local pickup/drop off.


THANK YOU for your HELP!

I can't wait to share this installation with you and with the attendees of General Assembly this summer. Thanks for helping me make it happen.

any QUESTIONS about this PROJECT?
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